Endurance Fitness Club


Encouraging Individual Commitment through a successful group effort

At Endurance, we use the motivation of a group to encourage individuals to perform and achieve high levels of fitness. Group activities are stress busters, a great way to burn calories & very popular worldwide.

For those who find working out alone tedious and boring we encourage you to work in groups and enjoy fun filled and high energy exercises like Spinning, Dance Aerobics, Bollywood Dancing, Circuit Training & many more. For those who want to opt for the peace and tranquility Yoga, Pranayam and Pilates is the answer.

For those who are interested in progressive classes ( learning) we have exclusive options like Bollywood dancing conducted by ace choreographers such as Ganesh Acharya, and Latin dancing, Kickboxing & Martial arts conducted by reputed professionals ( we keep adding novelty and changing these batches from time to time)

We not only promote a healthy individual with a healthy body but also encourage a healthy mind through the social interaction and social bonding that develops through this shared and common platform. The support of a group motivates and helps in enhancing results. The group inspires and propels individuals to surpass fitness plateaus and work out with renewed energy and drive through group motivation and have fun while working out!

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